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Bridgeshadows - Do You Feel?

Shapes Make Stars - The Lion And The Bear

The 77's - Tattoo

Undercover - Overlook

Mainline Riders - Worldshaker

Veil - Stygian Shore

Wigtop - Morningstar

Language Room - In Lines

Language Room - Run Out Of Road

Language Room - Matter Of Time

Woven Hand - Winter Shaker


Warlight - Hypocrits And Alibis

LSU - Kill Will

Mad At The World - I Want To See Heaven

Sincerely Paul - I Saw Sin

Leviticus - King Of Kings

Rose Blossom Punch - Cyclone Fence

The Lead - It's A Crazed World

The Lead - Get Out Of My Face

The Lead - Suicide Is A Lie

The Lead - To The Ends Of The Earth

Swirling Eddies - The Midget, The Speck, & The Molecule

#32 (Industrial/Techno-cast)

AP2 – A New World

Audio Paradox – Collision

The Cell Experiment – All Is Not Right With The World

Circle Of Dust – Prayers Of A Dead Man

Blackhouse – We Will Fight Back

X-Propagation – Flower

Digital Aura – One Thing

Chatterbox – Soulscum

Cybershadow – Third World

Massivivid - Forgiven  


Titanic – Freak Show

Jupiter VI – Lucidia

Hot Pink Turtle – Myisci

Uthanda – Sweet Soul Salvation

Hounds Of Heaven – The Monster In The Box

Sons Of God – House Of The Lord (Remix)

Stinging Rain – Mighty Tree

Stinging Rain – Music Of My World

Stinging Rain – Via Delorosa

Children Of The Day – Jesus Lives



Dead Artist Syndrome – Dance With Me

Mark Heard – Treasure Of The Broken Land

A.D. – The Fury

Daniel Amos – The Author Of The Story

Robert Vaughn – Heartbreak And Ecstasy

Vector – I Burn Myself Away

Vector – I Want To Know

Vector – Simple Experience

Stukenberg – Feb. 20th



The Choir – Gripped

Kheris – Hurricane

The violet burning – Violet

Raspberry Jam – Easter

Galactic Cowboys – Why Can’t You Believe In Me

poor old lu – My World Falls Down

poor old lu – Thoughtless

poor old lu – Where Were All Of You

Distal – Tomorrow May

Michael Knott - Cool



Jerusalem - Constantly Changing

Argyle Park - Scarred For Life

Stavesacre - At The Moment

Common Children - Blue Raft

Sincerely Paul - Bare My Soul

Adam Again - Hopeless, Etc...

Adam Again - Worldwide

Adam Again - River On Fire

The Skies Revolt - Justice & Monroe

The Prayer Chain - Sky High



Scaterd Few – Look Into My Side

Dighayzoose – Strugglefish (live)

King Kool – Nanny Town

Mellowdramatic Wallflowers – Spelunking Through The Chaos

Plymouth Brethren – Seasons

In 3-D – Livin’ In The Real World

In 3-D – Just One Question

In 3-D – Can’t Stop

virusversusvirus – New Creation (Kill Something)




Randell Waller – I Need You

Mastedon – Run To The Water

Crumbacher – Tourist Trap

Asight Unseen – Electric Angel Blues

Circle Of Dust – Am I In Sync?

Elliot Jack – The Person We Love (Is 72.8% Water)

World Theatre – This Talk

World Theatre – Takes So Long

World Theatre – Dream It’s Safe



Bride - Everybody Knows My Name

Children Of The Consuming Fire

Kevin Clay - Clothed In Christ

L.S.U. - Not A Cussword

Mad At The World - Draggin' The Chains

Over The Rhine - Within Without

Over The Rhine - June

Panos Kappos - Seize The Moment

Monk - One Eye Open


Daniel Amos – Horrendous Disc

Arkangel – To A Sleeping Infidel

Scott Roley – Satan’s Tragedy

Breakfast With Amy – Cavewoman

Chagall Guevara – I Need Somebody

Bloomsday – Just The Same

Bloomsday – Song Of Five

Edin Adahl – Like A Motion Picture

Servant – I’m Gonna Live



Kerry Livgren – Just One Way

Stinging Rain – Return

The Reign – Cold Desert Wind

Mark Heard – Treasure Of The Broken Land

Brian Harrod & Jason Funck – Shadowdance

The Swoon – Square Dance Candle Light

The Swoon – ben son ben son Beatrice

The Swoon – Speak Soft

Dignan – They’re Outnumbered



Undercover – The Way Of The Rose

Mortal – Enfleshed (The Word Is Alive)

Vector - Surrender

Lost Dogs – Imagine That

Vatten – The Dreamer

16 Horsepower – Black Soul Choir

Randy Stonehill – The Wild Frontier

Randy Stonehill – Defender

Berry – Alma Mater



The Call – Let The Day Begin

A.D. – Lead Me To Reason

Human Condition – Eternal Love

Two-Pound Planet – Sinister Sun

The Repercussion – Rushing Away

The 77’s – MT

The 77’s – This Is The Way Love Is

The 77’s – Don’t, This Way

The violet burning – There Is No One Like You



Jerusalem – Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven

Elim Hall – Things Break

Routine Homecoming – Computers Monitor Her Heart

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day

Vigilantes Of Love – Double Cure

Street Angel – Sinsad

Street Angel – Newland

Street Angel – King Of Rock And Roll

Northern Room – Galaxy


Generation – Nothing To Give

Mad At The World – When The Wind Blows

Rez- Lincoln’s Train

X-Sinner – Livin’ On The Edge

Fleming & John – I’m Not Afraid

Die Happy – Sticks And Stones

Die Happy – Temple Of Soul

Zion – Is It A Crime



Malcolm And The Mirrors – Can’t Live Without Him

Rick Cua – Eternity

Thomas Goodlunas And Panacea – Under The Sun

Charlie Peacock – Whole Lot Different

The Front – It’s Hard To Take

The Front – How Long

Southside Blades Of Eden – I Will Wait


Resurrection Band – Lightshine

Larry Norman – Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus

Alpha Band – Cheap Perfume

Vector – The Shore

Dave Perkins – Catacombs

Dave Perkins – Orbit

Painted By Moses – In My Hands



Bride – Silence Is Madness

Chagall Guevara – Candy Guru

Adam Again – Who Can Hold Us

Curious Fools – Love (Is Believing)

VOL – Real Down Town

VOL – Earth Has No Sorrow

First Strike – Out Of Control



Vision – Standing On The Rock

Michael McDermott – Just West Of Eden

The violet burning – There Is No One Like You

Ammi – Symmetry

The 77’s – Ba Ba Ba Ba

The 77’s – Another Nail

Mastedon – Right Hand



Hank Laake Band – Life And Death

In 3-D – Livin’ In The Real World

In 3-D – Just One Question

Jimmy Hotz – From Love Life Did Begin

Resurrection Band – Colours

Servant – Jesus Star

Servant – Water Grave

LeRoux – Roll Away The Stone


Ulf Christiansson - Like A Thief

Common Bond - Free From Me

LSU - Bye Bye Colour

John Davis - I Need Someone

Tonio K - Romeo And Jane

Tonio K - I Handle Snakes

Lies Damned Lies - Fighting To Make Peace

Elim Hall - At The Falls



Darrell Mansfield - Heaven Southwestern

Steve Scott - Ghost Train

Sam Phillips - Remorse

Larry Norman - Up In Canada

Flock 14 - Your Eyes

Flock 14 - Big Boys

The Awakening - Never Say Goodbye



Trytan - Mr. Electric

The Prayer Chain - I Believe

The Choir - Chase The Kangaroo

Barnabas - If Love Brings Love

Level Heads - Betrayed With A Kiss

Level Heads - Emancipation

Level Heads - More Than This

Undercover - So Wonderful



Level Heads - Behold

John Mehler - Trust In The Lord

The 4th Watch - Holy

Quickflight - Safety In Numbers

Quickflight - Fantasy

441 - In His Presence

Robert Vaughn - Justice


Circle of Dust - Nothing Sacred

Breakfast with Amy - Tolljouse Waltz

Ideola - Is It Any Wonder?

Malcom And The Mirrors - Gotta Give

Giantkiller - King Of Kings

Giantkiller - Stand And Be Counted

Choo Choo Pye - River's Rage


Black And White World - Ruby Goes To Heaven

Andy McCarroll - I Am Human

Shelter - This Is The Day

DOX - Aim For The Heart

DOX - Lighthouse

Resurrection Band - The Struggle



Barratt Band – Playin’ In The City

Daniel Band - I'm Sorry

Ben Okafor - Got Me Runnin’

Sincerely Paul - Grieve

The Call - In The Woods

The Call - I Still Believe

The Mirrors - Longing To See You



Arkangel - Morning's Anthem

Jimmy Hotz - Beyond The Blues

Jerusalem - Warrior

Jerusalem - Man Of The World

Servant - Jungle Music


Thomas Goodlunas - Take Me Away

Mastedon - Love That Will Survive

Edin Adahl - X Factor

Writ on Water – Precious, Like A Child

Lyrix - I Would Have Listened



Anthem - Spiritual Warfare

Anthem – Cuttin’ Thru

Daniel Band - He's The Creator

911 - East From West

Charlie Peacock - Counting The Cost



Andy McCarroll - Sin

Malcom And the Mirrors - Red Alert

The Imitators - The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You

Quickflight - Break Away

Barnabas - Crucifixion



Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

In 3-D - Too Much To Lose

Carson Cole And RU4 - Mainstreet

Daniel Amos - Travelog

Dave Perkins - Orbit



Andy Pratt - Fun In The First World

John Mehler - Bow and Arrow

Robert Vaughn - December

Stronghold - No Superstars For Jesus

Oracle - Listen To The Voice


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